WWF Scotland


The WWF told us that the climate change bill was the most important piece of legislation in our lifetime. “It will affect the very future of life on earth”. No pressure then! With so much “doom” around the issue, the challenge for us was to create a campaign that presented embracing environmental issues as a positive action, it’s not too late, and we can all still effect change. Every small thing that we do will make a difference. Our campaign had to be motivating and inspiring whilst staying true to the brand values of the WWF.


The WWF is synonymous with species and in particular key species. We made the link between species, climate change and human actions which extended their brand identity into sustainable lifestyle behaviour change with motivating messages and inspiring images. The issues affecting the Polar Bear really crystallises the entire issue.


Marketing Concepts met the brief and exceeded expectations by successfully and subtly incorporating the themed creative throughout the printed collateral required. Through combining strong creative with a great launch event email marketing campaign and the number of people responding to the consultation the result was way beyond the WWF’s initial target.

“The Scottish Climate Change Bill is probably the most important piece of legislation in our lifetime. Scotland now has the chance to take a global lead on tackling climate change. The creativity of Marketing Concepts helped us to empower people to understand why they should and can take action.”

Lang Banks, Head of Communications at WWF Scotland