In November 2013 Zuhus, or rather what would come to be known as Zuhus, came to us with a job offer: help them create “everything”. That statement probably needs some elaboration: the owner had a product, Portuguese-style chicken in a family-oriented casual restaurant setting, and a location in central Edinburgh. Beyond that, we were asked to develop their brand identity, marketing strategy, point-of-sale, advertising creative: basically all the things a business would need to make themselves and their identity known to their customers.



A cornerstone of a successfully marketed business is the marketing strategy, so this is what we set in place first. Most elements were already decided upon: the product, the price and the place. The promotion however, was all up to us. Based on budget constraints, the restaurant would mainly be promoted online, through the website and social media. Another priority for Zuhus was to take advantage of word-of-mouth. Call it “Creating Brand Tribes”, “Brand Champions”, or “Customer Advocacy”; in essence we wanted initial interest in the restaurant to spread by customers telling others about the great food and service available at Zuhus! They would have to facilitate this by having a solid online presence. The brand would also have to be approachable, friendly, and generally be a good match for the overall strategy.


For the branding Zuhus needed something that would stand out in a high-traffic part of Edinburgh, with many competing restaurants in the area. We came up with the identity you can see above, using bold colours and a distinctive icon/word mark logo.

Based on the brand, we designed all manner of promotional and branded material: menus, t-shirts, signage, takeaway boxes, sauce bottle labels, even the wallpaper!


We also designed and developed the Zuhus website (see image) to be in line with the aims and visual identity of the brand, with a focus on showcasing the food and prominent placement of the menu.



Zuhus has now opened what is hopefully the first of many restaurants in Scotland, and the reception has been great! They’re getting good traffic on social media, and reviews on Yelp, Tripadvisor and Facebook are putting the restaurant in front of potential new customers.

The client was delighted with branding and promotional materials, and continue to see growing interest in the new restaurant.