Fresh Start


We were approaching the festive season and it was time for Fresh Start’s annual ‘Cookers for Christmas Appeal’. Fresh Start helps people make a home for themselves through the early stages of their tenancy when their home is just a bare shell. Previous years we had a celebrity ambassador and even wrapped a cooker in Christmas wrapping paper one year; so to make the 2013 appeal have a big impact we had to be creative. We had to design artwork that could appear across a wide spectrum of media and social media.


Playing around with Christmas phrases we loved the idea of a tagline ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’ but needed to remember it was the cooker appeal too. Combining both ideas we came up with the line Hot, Hot, Hot; working perfectly with the idea of a giving someone a hot meal. Continuing with the theme the studio created a hob image and added the Christmas element through gift wrap bows. The colours and text were simple so the message would be clear.


The feedback for the campaign came flooding in, even before the artwork had launched. The re-tweets, Facebook views and online donations were coming in fast; Edinburgh was getting behind the appeal! It appeared in local newsletters, newspapers and political magazines.  One company even choose to have the appeal as their nominated charity instead of sending Christmas cards. The artwork had made an impact and engaged with many people.

"This was a quirky, catchy and intensely visual part of the charity's annual Cookers for Christmas campagin. It spurned an easy ask for Fresh Start in calling on people to ensure previously homeless households had a 'HO-t, HO-t, HO-t' meal through the media and social media. Full marks to Marketing Concepts on this one!"

Keith Robertson-  MD Fresh Start