Buyrite Bathrooms


First thing we did was sit down and have a good talk. Just getting everything out there helps.

The old website had been online for 5 years, and it certainly showed.  It was important to emphasize that a simple facelift would not solve any underlying problems related to user interaction with the site, or the amount of visits turned into leads. Therefore, we talked some more.

We realised that the things that made Buyrite different from its competitors had been lost somewhere over those 5 years. It was our job to re focus on that and make sure the USP’s were clear to all. Also, the copy on the website focussed too much on Buyrite instead of focussing on the customers’ needs. The fact that navigation was cumbersome and disorganised added to the issues that might potentially hinder Buyrite from getting closer to their audience.

Customers commenting on the site said the connection between website and showroom seemed disjointed; the impressive showrooms were not communicated on the site.


Website we designed kept the vibrant colour scheme typical for Buyrite, but we toned it down to avoid clutter.

Based on customer feedback, more images of the showrooms and products were added. Slideshows were used to get across exactly how buyrite’s expertise can help customers create realise their dream bathrooms. Navigation was simplified ensuring users found what they wanted faster. Copy was also revised to be more user-focussed, and help visitors make informed decisions about buying and installing bathroom products. These changes meant website users would be well prepared once they decided to visit a showroom, with a clear idea of what to expect from Buyrite.


The site has been up for some time now, and so far, everything is working just great! The site has a new, clean look, in line with Buyrite branding, and it’s loading faster than before. We like it. But more importantly, Buyrite like it:

“The new website has helped us a lot; we’ve been getting more enquiries online and over the phone. From start to finish the whole process has been great.”

- Paul Derighetti Jr, Buyrite Manager

Even more importantly, website users are responding well. Visits are up, along with time spent on site and pages viewed, and bounce rate has decreased. To top it off, Buyrite reports customers are buying more clearance items after seeing them on the site, and are enquiring about add-ons like their 3D bathroom design service.

After the redesign, Buyrite’s web presence is now just as modern as its showrooms, and is helping customers build better bathrooms for less.