Edmund Cude


Staying in touch with Property Owners

London-based property agent Edmund Cude approached us, looking for a way to stay front-of-mind with their clients. As the link between tenants and property owners, they wanted to stay in touch with these two groups. However, due to the long-term nature of their business, it’s not always as easy as saying “hey, what’s new?” at the end of a 24-month lease. Edmund Cude asked us to help them sustain their relationships with property owners, outside of their regular business transactions.


Breaking the Ice

Previously, Edmund Cude had used news mailers and direct mail to keep their clients up-to-date. These were expensive to produce, labour-intensive to send, and sporadically published. Additionally, there was not much in the way of reliable reporting on open and delivery rates.

Marketing Concepts planned, designed, and managed email newsletters for Edmund Cude, to be sent to its database of property owners and stakeholders. Based on a branded template, the newsletters could easily be changed each month to include new, relevant news pieces, specifically tailored to each of Edmund Cude’s main markets in London. Using scheduled email marketing also meant newsletters could be sent out regularly, and on time every month. And added benefit from snail-mail newsletters is that emails drive more traffic to the website, where property owners can re-familiarise themselves with the services offered by Edmund Cude.


Ongoing Dialogue

The Edmund Cude email campaign has run for a good while now, and still offers good results. Open and clickthrough rates are significantly higher than the average for the property industry, and the newsletters provide an additional source of visits for the website every months.

The management of the newsletters is a lot simpler now: the templates can be filled in for each month and sent out at any time. This leaves Edmund Cude to spend more time helping their clients, without having to worry about losing contact with their less active property owners. It should be asid that the relevance of the content to Edmund Cude’s clients is likely a deciding factor leading to recipients opening and reading the newsletters.

EC were so happy with the work on their newsletters, they even asked us to manage the newsletters for their Bushells and KM Jones subsidiaries as well!