Online & Social

Did you know that there’s a new social media user approximately every 10 seconds? The benefits of an attractive, accessible, online presence are potentially infinitesimal. We do everything that we can to strengthen existing links and establish new rapports between our clients and this ever-burgeoning audience. We work across all social media streams, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, you name it, to produce and deliver fresh and engaging content quarterly. You don’t want to deprive your business of this simple and effective means of brand and consumer building – equally, you have to get it right, to keep people coming back – let us help you win and secure your share of the social media market.

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In the digital age, press advertising is all about knowing exactly where and when to place your ad. Print readership is in decline - but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect this potentially very lucrative revenue stream – a certain demographic are committed to print and, if your target audience overlaps with that pool, you won’t reach them any other way. They may be statistically smaller than their online counterparts but they are far from insignificant and, arguably, loyal to a fault.

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TV & Radio

TV advertising is no longer about throwing mud at a mass audience – with micro regional advertising you can get your business product or service right in front of your target market. It’s easier and less expensive than you think - and we can help you every step of the way. From figuring out who you’re talking to, to what you want to say, we can provide scriptwriting, story-boarding and artistic direction throughout. Meanwhile, radio is another potential goldmine – people in their cars, on the way to and from work, are, (very nice), fish in an advertising barrel – you just need to know your way around listener demographics and channels - which we do.

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You’d be amazed by the power of signage – we are. Like all media, the outdoor marketplace has seen seismic changes over the last few years - going from traditional posters and billboards to rolling, digital pitches on massive motorway screens – but what hasn’t changed is that outdoor advertising is effective, even more effective than before. Campaigns can now be tailored by budget, audience and location more than ever before and we know how to position your ad so that your efforts are not blowing in the wind.

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